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Scope of Service

TablePlanner - This makes it the ideal software tool in the planning of a wide variety of private events including weddings, birthday parties and other celebrations.

The extended Business Edition allows companies, clubs and organizations to plan and organize events for a very large number of guests.

TablePlanner allows any number of celebrations and/or events to be planned and stored. A guest list can be drawn up for each event. The number of guests allowed depends on the nature of the license purchased.

Important functions for the event planning:

  • Guest lists administration
  • Roles and groups for guest qualification
  • Virtual room planning of the location
  • Manual and automated seating arrangements
  • Configuration of seats and tables
  • Wedding plan checklist
  • Cost planning
  • Flexible reporting
  • Design of table cards
  • Print-out of tickets and entrance cards for commercial events

Private license:

Professional license:

Even bigger number of guests on request.



maximum of 100/150/300 guests per even

maximum of 600/1000/2000 guests per even
This version disposes of an interface for the connection to other data sources.


Click here to download the quick user guide!

From the license for 150 guests on, TablePlanner comes with a function which enables you to create your individual table shapes with rows of chairs.

TablePlanner offers an optional module for administrating and printing tickets and entrance cards. We will be glad to give you further information concerning this feature on demand.

Names, addresses and contact details of your guests are saved. Guests can be given various labels, or titles, representing their roll in the event and their relationship to the host. These labels/titles are used in the organization of the seating arrangements to graphically highlight the individual guests.

You can choose the shape of each table and the number of guests to be seated at each table.

Our top TablePlanner is available in the following languages:

  • German
  • English
  • French